Incident 113/2007

Our Team Leader was initially contacted by a GMP Missing Person Search Manager at 22.15hrs this evening concerning a missing 70 year old woman in the area of Bury Town Centre.

The lady was on holiday from Australia touring the UK with her husband, and they had stopped in Bury on a journey from Penrith to Coventry to enquire as to accommodation during the early evening.

When the husband returned to his car his wife had disappeared, and given her age, neurological medical condition and her total unfamiliarity with the area, the Police instigated an immediate search.

A full team page was made at 22.19hrs, with the area of open land around Elton Reservoir a likely search area.

An immediate decision was also made to contact our colleagues in Rossendale and Pendle MRT., but as this was about to be done by GMP and as the first elements of the Bolton team were mobilising, news was received that the 70 year old woman had been thankfully located in the neighbouring town of Heywood.

A stand down pager call was made at 22.30hrs, by which time at least 14 Bolton team members were responding.