Incident 115/2007

At 09:50 this morning our Team Leader was contacted direct by NWAS (GMA) Paramedic Emergency Control regards an off-road motorcycle incident in the Plank Lane area of Leigh (a location and incident scenario which is very well known to us).

An ambulance crew had already been called to the location and upon arrival found it to be a distance from the nearby road, and therefore requested our assistance.

A full team pager call was made 09:59, with four team vehicles and 21 team members responding immediately.

Our first team member on scene met with the responding ambulance crew (from Hindley ambulance station) at around 10:20 and went straight to the scene to assess the situation for incoming team members.

The person involved, a 29 year old male had apparently fallen off an off-road motorcycle whilst riding as a pillion passenger, and had sustained a suspected fracture dislocation of the lower leg.

The emergency ambulance crew had already splinted his leg injury as the team arrived, with vehicular access by our first responding Landrover ambulance being possible direct to the accident location.

Team members assisting the casualty and NWAS (GMA) crew whilst loading the casualty onto the ambulance af the end of the carry-off.

Because of the terrain and the man’s injury, it was considered more appropriate to stretcher evacuate him around 1km back to the roadhead, rather than in our team Landrover ambulance. A short 15 minute stretcher carry was made by the team with the man departing for Wigan Hospital in the emergency ambulance at 11:10.

Also attending this incident were Greater Manchester Police divisional and motorway traffic units, which did not deploy off-road.

Many thanks to our colleagues at ambulance control who gave much assistance in guiding our responding members to the incident location.

Whilst we were doing the carry-off, the Paramedic crew drove our Landrover ambulance back to the roadhead as a favour, enjoying the experience of getting our vehicle covered in mud and enjoying the off-road driving!