Second donation to the memory of Mr. John Nuttall

Readers and followers of the team will be familiar with the three day long search we were centrally involved in to try and locate the whereabouts of missing Bolton man John Nuttall in early July this year.

Unfortunately Mr Nuttall’s disappearance had a very sad outcome with the discovery of his body in late July.

Today we received a very thoughtful and kind letter from the brother of the late John Nuttall, Mr Charles Nuttall of Barton Fold Farm, Bolton.

In his letter Charles Nuttall kindly states, “we were so grateful to you all in the search for my brother, John Nuttall. Thank you for all your help in the days following his disappearance.”

Enclosed with this letter was a very kind donation of £100.00 “towards the wonderful work you carry out.”

Such kindness in difficult times is very thought provoking for the team members who were involved in the search, and all extend their condolances to Mr Charles Nuttall and his family over the sad loss of his brother John.
(please also see news articles dated July 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, 27th and August 2nd in connection with Mr John Nuttall)