‘Running costs for a day’ Met by valued Team Supporter

The team estimates that it has annual running costs amounting to circa £26,000.00 which works out at about £72.00 a day.
Today we received a letter from very valued team supporter David Bisset, who regular readers will recall was present at a rock climbing incident involving his son Iain, at Ousel’s Nest Quarry, Chapeltown in August 2005 to which the team responded alongside the Ambulance Service.

Ever since the accident, David Bisset and his family have been kindly supportive of the team, whilst Iain, now fully recovered continues with his rock climbing interests.

David in his letter mentions that he notes from our website that our running costs amount to £72.00 per day.
He goes on to say “I therefore enclose a donation to cover one day, in continuing recognition of your help in extricating my son Iain from Ousel’s Nest Quarry in August 2005, with thanks and good wishes to you all.”
David very kindly enclosed a £75.00 donation for the team with his letter, so his donation actually goes a little bit beyond one day !

David is obviously a keen reader of our website as he notes the recent call out we had to Horwich, just as we were commencing an exercise in Ousel’s Nest Quarry last Wednesday.
He has actually guessed completely right with his end comment in his letter to us, “PS I see from your website you had an exercise in Ousel’s Nest Quarry, what could have given you the idea, I wonder ?”

From everybody in the team, a big thanks to David and the Bisset family for such kind support.