Donation in memory of Mrs. Ann Hill

Today we received a large number of individual donations amounting in total to £395, all in the memory of Mrs. Ann Hill, who died on the 8th July 2007.

Mrs. Ann Hill was the mother of former team member Howard Hill, a team member from November 1968 until his unfortunate death in June 1990, and Team Leader from March 1983 to March 1989.

Throughout her life Mrs. Ann Hill was a great and valued supporter of the team alongside other family members.

We understand that the family of Mrs. Ann Hill thought that our team would be a very worthy cause to support in their mother’s memory.

The team’s condolences are expressed to the son of Mrs. Hill, Stewart, and her daughter, Mrs. Lesley Parry, and other family members, friends, and relatives.

The team expresses its thanks to the many people who gave donations to the team in the memory of Mrs. Ann Hill.