Incident 129/2007

Late morning today, our Team Leader answered a pager request from NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) for the team’s assistance as part of their step-up resource plan given a high incident loading on their immediate resources available.

Throughout the morning and early afternoon, Garry our Team Leader kept in touch with Paramedic Emergency Control regarding their situation culminating in the callout and putting at the disposal of NWAS (GMA) one of our team vehicles in the mid-afternoon of today.

As the NWAS Peak Demand situation increased a further Bolton MRT Landrover Ambulance was also made available to NWAS (GMA).

In total the two crewed Landrovers responded to 10 incidents on behalf of NWAS, the first being at 15:03 and the last at 21:47 throughout today, consisting of 2 code reds, 7 code ambers, and 1 code green call.

The incidents were attended in the Bolton, Westhoughton, Horwich and Atherton areas of Greater Manchester, entailing persons collapsed in the street, ankle injures, and fractures.

The team, along with our Greater Manchester colleagues, Oldham MRT, SJAB and the British Red Cross are happy to support our local communities when NWAS is faced with these Peak Demand situations entailing the implementation of their step-up resource plan.

As usual our thanks are expressed to those NWAS Emergency Ambulance and response crews we worked alongside during the night including, on one occasion, a community first responder.

Thanks are also expressed, again as usual, to our unsung friends at Belle Vue Paramedic Emergency Control, who ensure we get to the right location with the right information every time.