Retirement of team member Dave Sarti

Tonight the team witnessed the sad retirement of team member David Sarti, who due to other commitments on his time has, after much deliberation, sadly decided to stand down the team’s callout list membership.

Dave joined our team in early May 2001 and brought with him his considerable mountaineering background and also his managerial skills.

Dave was always a very reliable, supportive and dedicated team member with a quiet sense of humour (sometimes a little cutting!), which brought many a laugh to many a team member’s face.

As an experienced party leader, Dave’s leadership skills were regularly tested and highly valued by the team.

In some cases, sometimes forgotten by the team, and largely unknown to our newer team members, was the huge amount of effort Dave Sarti successfully put into securing building materials for what is now our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ.

Dave also regularly, but in a very quiet manner, secured donations from various sources close to his employment in support of the team.

The whole team wishes Dave and his wife Vicky well in his retirement from the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and we all know he will greatly miss the pager going off at all times of the night!

Take care, good luck and look after yourself in the hills Dave, from all your team colleagues.