Incident 131/2007

At 11:35 this morning the team was contacted by Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue service regarding assistance with an incident involving a person on the roof of a building in the Salford City Centre area.

A large number of people were already present at the time of the call at our Ladybridge Hall Base involved in a team vehicle valet day, and therefore all our team vehicles, fully crewed, were able to respond immediately, along with 5 other team members who responded from their home address locations.

The man involved appeared to be unconscious upon the roof of a derelict four storey building in an incident which had commenced with Greater Manchester Police involvement, who in turn had contacted GMFRS.

Because of the particular difficulties of the person’s location, GMFRS in turn requested our specific working at height skills.

During our immediate response news was received that the person’s condition upon the roof was not as initially reported and that this person had managed to self rescue himself with assistance from Fire personnel on scene.

The team was therefore stood down responding with 22 personnel involved in this response.

This incident, besides GMFRS resources, included those of Greater Manchester Police including their Air Support Unit helicopter.