Incident 132/2007

At 15:12 this afternoon our team leader received a mobile phone call from NWAS (Lancashire Area) control room requesting the attendance of team vehicles already known to be in the area at what was reported to NWAS as a serious RTC involving two motorcycles and their drivers.

An immediate response was made by team vehicles to the Rivington Road, Belmont moorland road location, but en route it was established the injuries were not as serious as first reported and could be dealt with by the attending NWAS emergency ambulance.

Apart from one team Landrover ambulance and its five man crew, who assisted for a short time with traffic direction duties until Lancashire Constabulary resources arrived, our other responding vehicles were stood down.

In total 16 team members in 4 team vehicles were involved, alongside NWAS and Lancon resources.

RTC’s involving motorcyclists used to feature regularly in our annual incident figures but have been few and far between latterly due perhaps to increased road policing by Lancashire Constabulary in the area and other road safety initiatives.