Incident 133/2007

In the knowledge that we’d already had two calls in the day, both of which had resulted in us being ’stood down responding’ and that things always come in threes, it was perhaps no surprise to our more experienced members that in the evening another request was made upon our services.

At 20.36hrs our Team Leader was contacted by a GMP Missing Person Search Manager in relation to a missing woman in the Leigh area of Greater Manchester, as a result of which the team was placed on stand – by.

As Police enquiries continued into the evening regards trying to locate this woman, concern for her well being was rising, and in discussion with our Team Leader GMP decided to call out the team for an immediate search of the Lilford Park area of Leigh.

In response to the full team page at 21.55hrs, 21x team members arrived at the Search RVP established at the entrance to Lilford Park, with search parties departing quickly to search the park and woodland area, including a stream course and former railway line.

The team was joined in this late night search by the Greater Manchester Police Air Support Unit helicopter, which utilised its various sensor systems to try and locate the missing woman.

Shortly after midnight the search of the Lilford Park area had drawn a blank, and it was decided to scale down the search for the evening.

As the team was debriefing and then preparing to leave the RVP, news was received by GMP that the 43 year old woman had returned to her home address, with the result that the search enquiry was called off.

Team members happy in the knowledge that the woman had now turned up then quickly departed for the comfort of their beds.