Commencement of the team’s 2007 MR(E&W) Casualty Care Course

This evening saw the team yet again commencing another in house intensive training course in line with the syllabus of the Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course.

All our team members have to resit this course every three years in line with the requirements of the examination and Certificate issued upon successful course completion.

This year’s course is being run both for resits (their Certificates expire in March 2008 from their previously run course) and for team members who are ’first timers’ to the course.

Tonight’s session started with the whole team membership, whether on the course or not, having their CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation) and BLS (Basic Life Support) assessment, happily all passed with flying colours.

The team thanks Team Support Group member and NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance Technician Hazel Kennedy, and ex team member and NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance Technician Pete McKale for instructing throughout this evening and then examining all the team membership.