Full weekend devoted to MR (E&W) MR Casualty Care Course starts here

Continuing from Wednesday, and making full use of the excellent NESRA teaching media package for this course, (DVD based training and a students’ notes handbook issued to all members), team members commenced the all day Saturday session at the early time of 08:30 in the morning, utilising all the teaching facilities of our Base/HQ premises.

The team thanks team member Laura Millichamp, a Pharmacist, for her fantastic input into the session on drugs in Mountain Rescue use. Thanks are also expressed to team member and very experienced Accident and Emergency Nurse (Warrington) Alistair Greenough for his extensive input into today.

Joining Alistair from Warrington Hospital to instruct on the course today was Critical Care Nurse (and Cheshire LSAR member) Dave McClure.

Again experienced teaching assistance was provided by NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance Technician and ex team member Pete McKale, joined today by another ex team member and current NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance Technician Iain Peel.

Thnaks also to our Medical Equipment Officer Mark Scott, who very ably made sure all memebrs were totally familiar with our extensive range of casualty care equipment and medical gases.

Joining us as a guest during the morning sessions was Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Watch Officer (Bolton Central) Mike O’Brian.

In total 24 team members attended today.