NWAS (GMA) Decontamination re-certification course

In spring and early summer 2003 (March, May and June) 16 team members attended a series of CBRN Decontamination courses organised by what was then Greater Manchester Ambulance Service, with the courses each being run over a two day period to the NHS recognised sylabus.

At the time our team members attended alongside frontline operational GMAS staff, Control Room staff and hospital personnel.

Today team members Fred Taylor and Peter Heeley attended as guests of the North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester Area) for the one day Decontamination re-certification course, held at Altrincham Ambulance Station.

Scrubbing up the makeshift mannequin for the decontamination training

Fred and Peter joined forces on the course with 5 NWAS (GMA) Paramedics, (including some from Bolton Ambulance Station), 2 Emergency Ambulance Technicians and a Nurse from Hope Hospital, gaining an insight on this ’hands on’ practical day into developments, including new CBRN protective suits, since the 2003 courses.

The course attendees pose in their full regalia
The team is grateful to NWAS (GMA) and particularly its Emergency Planning Management Team for offering us the opportunity to attend this very interesting and relevent course.