Donation news from an unusual source

Today Dave Healey, our Radio Communications Officer, received three envelopes in the post,with some rather nice surprises inside.

The surprises totalled £85 and were donations from three people whom Dave had met on his recent North Atlantic cruise. They were all members of a choir, who had performed on the ship Dave was on & Dave had taken photographs of their concert, he then took details of people who were in the choir and had seen the photographs and expressed an interest in getting copies of them.

So, Dave being Dave, sent off the photographs on CD and enclosed a little letter saying ’..if you enjoyed what you have seen and would like to say thank you, please send a donation to Bolton MRT..’

Well, the Team would like to thank Bob & Ann, Hazel and Sheila for your fantastic donations to the Team. Dave has already earmarked the donations for additional radio equipment.