Team trials potential new vehicle, with thanks to H Moon (Toyota) of Wigan

Three of our Landrover Mountain Rescue Ambulances were purchased together in August 1999, thanks to the National Lottery and a bequest from local lady Ellen Sykes.

Since this time all three (joined by a fourth Landrover in August 2003) have continued to give absolutely excellent sterling service, but being forward looking we are now considering their possible replacement commencing in 2009, the all important funds permitting of course.

Various UK companies now grant discount purchase agreements to UK Mountain Rescue Teams including Landrover, Ford and Toyota UK.

Today we accepted into ’temporary’ team service for the weekend a Toyota Hi Lux Crew Cab vehicle (automatic) very generously supplied on loan from H. Moon of Wigan, the Wigan based Toyota dealership.

The Hi Lux, kitted out with temporary blues ’n’ twos and casualty care equipment for use by the team over the weekend

Durnig the course of Sunday this vehicle was used operationally on incidents 142/2007 and 143/2007.

The team wishes to express its sincere thanks to Steve Leggett of H. Moon of Wigan for so readily agreeing to allow us to have a Toyota Hi Lux Crew Cab vehicle on loan over the course of this weekend.