Alphorn outdoor concerts to resume in Springtime

With the onset of Winter and with it (more !) rain and colder times, team supporters Helen and Neil Grundy of Tottington, have scaled down their outdoor ’Alphorn ’ concerts until warmer (and drier) weather is once more upon us.

Playing mainly outside the Jumbles Reservoir Infromation Centre and Cafe, Helen and Neil invited members of their many audiences listening to them to donate to our Team.

As a result we are very pleased to announce that since August this year Helen and Neil have raised the fantastic sum of £163.89 for the team.
As two of the very few ’Alphorn’ musicians in the UK, their outdoor concerts are certainly unique, and what more appropriate an instrument can you play to raise funds for a Mountain Rescue Team !

We look forward to Helen and Neil once more playing again once the days start warming up next year.