Search advice

Early this afternoon our Team Leader was contacted direct by a GMP Missing Person Search Manager, regarding the teams possible help in a search planned to commence the following day in the Chesham area of Bury, alongside the Rossendale and Pendle MRT (Chesham Woods being in their teams prime operational area) and GMP Officers.

The search was to locate the whereabouts of a missing 41 year old local woman, who had dissappeared a few days earlier, and had been the subject of a press appeal to help find her. Intelligence received by GMP having led them to consider a search of the Chesham Woods area.

Already having a prior commitment to providing Standby Rescue Cover on a Fell Race the morning of the planned search, team members were informed by pager that our services may be required once our Standby Rescue Provision had ended.

As it turned out on the Sunday, the resources of GMP (22x Officers) and Rossendale and Pendle MRT (14x members) were sufficient to cover the areas necessary prior to our becoming available, and so our services were not required.

This has not been recorded as an incident by the team, but is noted here for information.