Goodbye, for now, to Team member Mark Parry.

Today due to a combination of increasing out of area work commitments, and to spend more time with his young daughter, 39 year old long serving Call Out list member Mark Parry took the decision to stand down from the team.

Mark first joined the team in August 1995, and was a valued team member and experienced party leader, who brought a sense of humour to every team activity.
A few years ago, whilst with the team on the HMCG Cliff Rescue training course, Mark was unfortunate enough to have an accident resulting in a serious leg fracture, but recovered to rejoin the team on all its outdoor activities.

Mark will be missed within the team, and no more will we hear his oft (sadly though the times were) repeated statement ” I dont do dead uns ” when asked to get ’hands on’ so to speak with body recovery operations.

We wish you well Mark and hope one day your personal circumstances will allow for a return to the team.