Donation via our friend Alan Baxendale from Rectitude Lodge Of Mark Masons No 18TI

Today we have received a very kind £25.00 donation from the Rectitude Lodge of Mark Masons No 18TI, who meet at the Rossendale Masonic Hall in Rawtenstall.
At a recent meeting of the Lodge, team friend and supporter (See also website news articles dated 22nd February 2007 and 14th March 2007) Alan Baxendale visited the Lodge and gave a special address to the assembled members.

Mr Crawford, Honorary Treasurer of the Rectitude Lodge of Mark Masons No 18TI explained that Alan would not accept the usual hospitality of the Lodge nor let them contribute to his expenses. Instead Alan Baxendale very kindly suggested that the Lodge should consider making a small donation to the work of our team.

We thank all at the Rectitude Lodge of Mark Masons No 18 TI for their kindness in making this donation, and to our valued friend and supporter Alan Baxendale for once more considering the team as worthy of his support