Donation from Alfred McAlpine Civil Engineering

This evening our Team Leader Garry Rhodes, Team Chairman Ken Oakes and four other team members welcomed to our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ, Mike Tilley, Office Manager with Alfred McAlpine Project Services, and Melanie Clarke, Business Development Advisor with Alfred McAlpine Project Services.
They had both journeyed to our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ to present to the team a donation from Alfred McAlpine Civil Engineering.

The donation arose after we had reason to rescue Mike when he was involved in a serious mountain bike accident on Darwen Moor, on Wednesday evening 26th July 2006. ( see Incident 118 / 2006 )

In the accident he suffered a very serious arm fracture and a dislocated shoulder, hospitalising him for ten days, and resulting in over two months away from work.
Thankfully Mike has gone on to make a full recovery and is back out mountain biking, albeit in his words ” a little slower and much more carefully ! “

As thanks for his rescue Mike suggested his company Alfred McAlpine put on a series of fundraising events in support of the team, all of this being unknown to us in the team until Mike asked if he could come down to see us and say thanks face to face. ( the last time we had met he was ’ high ’ on Entonox and Morphia to combat his extreme pain ! as we loaded him into the Ambulance and off to Blackburn Hospital )

We understand from Mike and Melanie, that a whole wide range of events were put on by Alfred McAlpines staff to raise money for the team, including a staff bike ride from Liverpool to Chester by 12x + employees, a Nintendo Wii competition, Bowling competitions, a Charity Day, raffles and a Golf Tournament at Sleighly Hall, Northumberland.

All of these events represents a huge amount of fundraising effort and support in the team.
On behalf of the team Garry Rhodes our Team Leader kindly accepted from Mike and Melanie the fantastic and totally unexpected sum of £680.00 raised by Mike, Melanie and other employees of Alfred McAlpine Civil Engineering.

Our thanks are extended to all at Alfred McAlpine who took part in any of the events to raise money fro the team, your considerable efforts are very much appreciated by the entire team membership.