Incident 164/2007

At 16:29 today our Team Leader was contacted by NWAS (GMA) Paramedic Emergency Control regarding an incident at Moses Gate Country Park in Bolton.

A 56 year old woman had slipped on ground inside the park and had sustained a suspected fractured lower leg. As the responding NWAS ambulance arrived on scene, the crew realised that a 300-400m carry would be required over frozen and icy ground and so called for the assistance of Bolton MRT.

The first responding team vehicle arrived on scene at 16:54 and was quickly joined by a second, two minutes later. The team’s Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher combined with a heavyweight “casualty bag” (essentially a very durable and warm sleeping bag) were utilised to evacuate the casualty to the ambulance at the roadhead and to warm the casualty during the short journey, in the cold weather.

In total 22 team members responded to this incident in 4 team vehicles, which was completed at 17:28. During the concluding stages of this incident the team was paged by the Lancashire Constabulary Force Incident Manager – so team members then quickly packed up the equipment used and responded to the second callout of the day – see report for incident 165/2007 for further details.