Incident 165/2007

During the closing stages of incident 164/2007, the team was paged by the Lancashire Constabulary Force Incident Manager regarding a missing person search in the area of Lever Park, Rivington.

The missing person was a 58 year old female rambler who had been out walking with her partner in the afternoon, they became seperated and he subsequently reported her missing to Police.

As team members returned from the incident at Moses Gate Country Park and began to prepare for a search, our Deputy Team Leader went direct to the Rendezvous Point to meet with Lancashire Constabulary officers at the Rivington Lower Barn, in Rivington.

Whilst all the above was going on, including a search of the area by the Lancashire Constabulary Air Support Unit helicopter, the news came in that the missing person had returned to her home address under her own steam at just before 18:00.

The team was promptly stood down at 18:01 and set about unloading the search equipment to prepare for the 3rd activity of the day – a night on standby in planned support of the ambulance service – see the next news article for details.