Congratulations to former team callout list member Richard Hankins

Richard Hankins was a team call out list member from joining in January 1991, upto his leaving the team in January 1999, and now lives with his wife and two young children in Cheshire. ( their third child is due in May ).
During his team in the team Richard contributed greatly to the workings of the team, which included a successful tenure in post as our Fundraising Officer, introducing the now familiar ’ Supermarket Collections ’ into the teams fundraising programme.
For a while now Richard has been a member of the Special Constabulary in Cheshire Police, and now holds the rank of Special Sergeant.
It has just come to our notice that in June 2007 Richard was very honoured to recieve a very prestigious national award for Policing volunteers at a ceremony in London.

This annual awards ceremony celebrates the vital contribution that Special Constables and Support Staff volunteers make to their local communities, being hosted at the 2007 ceremony by the Home Offfice and the National Policing Improvement Agency.

The very prestigious Ferrers Trophy (there is only one recipient in the whole of England) was presented to Special Sergeant Richard Hankins of Cheshire Constabulary, “for his hard work and dedication to solving anti-social behaviour in Cheshire”. Typical Richard, he even travelled down to London in the company of the Chief Constable and Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary!)

The whole team wishes to congratulate former team member Richard Hankins on receiving this marvellous trophy, and it is nice to know that his ready willingness to serve the community that he lives in, in a very worthwhile capacity has carried on from when he served in Mountain Rescue to the voluntary role he now so freely gives of his time within the Cheshire Constabulary as a Special Sergeant.

Congratulations Richard.