Recruitment news latest

The figure of persons that have now expressed a wish to join our team by applying via our on line application form has now reached 26 individuals.

All to date have been invited to our Thursday evening February 21st introductory indoor session and our all day Sunday February 24th outdoor practical session (both of which have to be attended in order to be considered for membership of the team).

From those who decide to attend the two sessions we will then choose those we feel are the most suitable persons to be invited to join the team for a probationary period, which will then lead to our selection of those we wish to take on for a twelve month long trainee team membership period.

Somewhat surprisingly in this day and age out of the 25 expressions of interest so far, there has only been one application from a woman. So come on all you women out there who are hillwalkers, climbers or mountaineers, how about evening up the application numbers from your sex?