Kind letter of thanks regarding incident 164/2007

Today we received a very kind letter of thanks from Lynda Shaw of Thornton-Cleveleys, the lady who sustained a fractured leg in a fall at Moses Gate Country Park, Farnworth, on the afternoon of Saturday 22nd December.

22 team members responded to a call from NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) in order to help evacuate Lynda from her position back to a waiting ambulance at the roadside.

In her very kind letter, Lynda mentions “I can’t remember much about the time I was laid in the freezing mud, but I do remember the relief in the voices of family and ambulance personnel, then the ’cavalry’ arrived. The team made me comfortable and their transfer of me to the waiting ambulance seemed effortless.”

We are pleased to announce that Lynda is well on the way to recovery after having surgery and a pre-Christmas stay in Royal Bolton Hospital.