Incident 19/2008

Today, with the knowledge that 8 team members were in two team Landrover vehicles within the team area practising driver training skills and local area awareness, NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) requested the assistance of both vehicles to a code amber road traffic accident in the Watermillock area of Bolton.

As both vehicles arrived on scene, they were stood down with the BM1 vehicle being immediately tasked by NWAS (GMA) to a three vehicle RTC in the Red Rock, Standish area.

On arrival at this RTC, to which GMP were also in attendance, team members treated the only injured person on scene, a 14 year old young boy who had chest and leg injuries.

Along with his (uninjured) mother the young boy was transported to Wigan Royal Infirmary in our BM1 vehicle.

At the same time, our BM4 vehicle was despatched to a code red call in the Bolton area, arriving on scene to commence treatment of the elderly male concerned. They were able to hand over to a responding NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance.

At 15:11, both team vehicles were then requested by NWAS (GMA) to go to the Springwater Park area of Whitefield, where NWAS staff were already on scene dealing with a 17 year old female who had collapsed in a field alongside the River Irwell.

Team members evacuated the young girl on a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher to the waiting NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance which then transported the young girl to Fairfield Hospital.

Besides the NWAS ambulance, an NWAS Rapid Response Vehicle also attended.

The final call of the day came in at 17:01, when our BM1 vehicle was despatched on a code amber call to an elderly woman who had suffered a fall in her house. Our members treated the lady upon arrival and then handed over to a responding NWAS (GMA) Emergency Ambulance.

A busy Sunday for our 8 members involved alongside our Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon who monitored and oversaw our incident responses from our Ladybridge Hall base.