Team dog training evening

Today saw the team’s dog training group coming together for their normal weekly training session. In attendance tonight alongside the usual participants was Gary Dewar – brother of Mike. As previous followers of this site will recollect, Mike (and Echo the dog) is the Dog handler from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and regularly attends the team’s dog training days.

On this occasion, we had a new face to join us – that of Mike’s brother Gary. Gary is also employed by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and is currently their Deputy Fire Investigation Officer. On what was a dreadful night (gusting winds, heavy rain and fog) the group commenced the exercise with a safety briefing followed by aims and objectives for the night.

The team currently has two dogs engaged in SARDA training; the aim of which is to train the dogs to home in on the scent of a human when that scent is carried in the wind. The dogs must then guide their handler into the source of the scent. This is training is achieved by having the dogs think that they are playing a game where they are searching for their favourite toy. The dogs learn by association that the scent of the “missing” person will result in a treat for them!

Once training had been completed a de-brief followed with some personnel travelling home and others choosing to participate in a ’warming session’ at the local Jolly Crofters on Chorley Old Road. As a secondary point of interest, training is also being undertaken on Sunday mornings commencing at 10:00AM.