Membership recruitment latest

36 persons have now expressed an interest in joining the team since we announced the details of our February 21st/24th Introduction sessions and reopened our on line initial membership application form.

All 36 to date have been sent details of the sessions with the result that seven to date have confirmed they will be attending the sessions (although we are expecting more as the date of the sessions looms closer).

If you have applied on line, but have not yet received an invitation to attend the sessions including a booking form for the same then please contact the team ASAP.

Meanwhile a few individuals have contacted the team via direct email enquiring about membership, all have been asked to apply using our on line initial application form and we are awaiting their applications (but please hurry as we will be closing off our on line application form again soon, as we start to make final arrangements for our February ’intake’.

In response to the appeal for more women to consider joining the team, at present it stands at 4 applications from women to join, vastly outnumbered by the 32 applications from men, such an imbalance in initial interest continues to surprise us.