Incident 22/2008

At 17:45 Hrs NWAS (GMA) contacted the Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, direct by telephone to enquire if we could help as part of their step-up procedure with a sudden increase in emergency calls.

One vehicle was made available to NWAS (GMA) and at 19:30 Hrs they were dispatched to a cardiac patient, for forward transportation to Wythenshawe Hospital from the Wigan area.

During this assistance, it was established that the peak demand situation had eased somewhat and things were back to a ’typical Friday night’. On clearing at Wythenshawe hospital the 3 man crew of BM 1 were informed that they could return to base, by the control member at our base.

The usual paperwork trail at our Ladybridge Hall Base had to be completed, which is always the case if it’s 1 assist or 15 assists and the base alarm was set at 22:30 Hrs.