Donation from Horwich Rotary Club

On the 5th November 2007 (see news article) our Team Leader met with Pat Byrne, Chairman Community Service, Horwich Rotary Club to discuss the support of the team by Horwich Rotarians.

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes passed onto Pat Byrne many ideas for supporting the team and Pat went away with the promise of supporting the team in its
future radio communications purchases.

Today, we received a very kind letter from the Community Service Committee of Horwich Rotary Club, enclosing a very kind donation which totally surprised the initial recipient, our Team Leader.

Garry was led to belive by Pat that Horwich Rotary Club would support the team
with a donation in the region of £500, so was amazed to find that the Rotarians of Horwich Rotary Club had in fact decided to support the team by a very wonderful donation of £1000.

This donation will be utilised by the team as part of its radio communications upgrade regarding our vehicle radios.

With this very kind donation it will now enable the team to purchase specialist hands-free operating equipment for our vehicle radios, complimenting other recent radio upgrades for our 4 Landrover Mountain Rescue ambulances.

The whole team is grateful to the Rotarians of Horwich Rotary Club for their very kind and much appreciated generous support of the team and would like to make special thanks to Pat Byrne, Chairman Community Service committee of Horwich Rotary Club for his work behind the scenes with this support.