Mountain Rescue Council Casualty Care Certificate Course 2008

This February saw one part of the culmination of our Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate Course for our team members, which has to be renewed every 3 years.

The team prides itself in any one year in trying to have its entire membership current with this certificate.

This evening 26 team members undertook the very demanding written examination, and we are pleased to announce all 26 successfully passed the paper. (a further team member took the paper and passed on Thursday 21st February).

All the members who took the paper had previously successfully completed the basic life support (BLS) and CPR elements of this casualty care course.

Next week team members will complete their certificate course with practical trauma and medical scenarios and an oral examination.

Keen readers of our website membership section will notice that the above figures do not tally with our overall membership figures, the explanation being that the other team members undertook their examination last year.