Incident 25/2008

In the early hours of the morning at 04:47 the team was paged by GMFRS regarding an incident in the Little Lever / Radcliffe area.

This call was concurrently answered by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes and Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon.

They learnt from Fire Service control the the incident was for a man who had climbed an electricity transmission power line pylon and was threatening to harm himself.

In consultation Garry and Geoff were about to page out for a limited team member response of our trained structures rescue personnel when a further pager call at 04:55 was received from the fire service standing us down.

At this stage one team vehicle was about to depart and respond from our LBH base.

It transpired the man decided to climb back down from the pylon thereby ending the situation.

Emergency resources at this stage deployed to this incident included elements from GMFRS, NWAS (GMA) and Greater Manchester Police.