Incident 34/2008

Late tonight, NWAS(GMA) contacted the Team Leader via telephone to enquire if we could help as part of their step-up procedure with a sudden increase in emergency calls on this busy Friday night.

Three vehicles were made available to NWAS (GMA) crewed by 8 team members and were all very quickly despatched to various incidents within a few minutes of being declared available. In addition to the 8 team members on the road two other team members provided control and admin support along with 1 member of our Support Group Johanne Lamb keeping the crews fed and watered.

In total 9 incidents were dealt with comprising of 4 code reds, 3 code ambers and 2 code greens. For further information please refer to the incidents section of the website.

The vehicles were stood down at the conclusion of these incidents following the return to the normal Friday evening NWAS incident load, the base finally being vacated at 01:00.