Team in NWAS (GMA) awards evening success

This evening our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes MBE and our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon, were very special guests of the North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester Area) at their Awards Evening.

Held in the fantastic setting of the City Of Manchester Stadium Sportscity, Manchester, (Webmaster – home of course to fantastic Manchester City Football Club) the Awards Ceremony is held annually to mark the many great achievements, service, dedication and bravery of all in the North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester Area)

This very special evening commenced for Garry and Geoff with a drinks reception at 7pm, tea for Geoff and spring water for Garry, they were both driving !
It was then into the very plush function room to join a very large number of NWAS (GMA) employees from within all parts of their service, members of the NWAS Executive and special invited guests.

Welcoming all to the proceedings was Ranvir Singh, reporter and presenter of the BBC Tv ’North West Tonight’ programme, fresh from this evenings show.
Ranvir then went on to announce all the recipients of the many and various awards of the evening, which were made by the following persons.
Queen’s medal presentations for Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, made by the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Warren J. Smith Esq., JP DL and John Burnside, Chief Executive, NWAS.

Mary Whyham, Chairman, NWAS and John Burnside, Chief Executive, NWAS, made the long service presentations for 20 Years’ Long Service Certificate, 25 Years’ Long Service Certificate and 30 Years’ Long Service Plaque.
Peer Nominated and Special Commendation Awards were made by John Burnside and Delwyn Wray, Area Director for NWAS (GMA)

It was in the catagory of the 10x Peer Nominated Awards that Garry Rhodes MBE and Geoff Seddon were called to the front of the large gathering to receive from John Burnside and Delwyn Wray a very special award made to the team.
Signed by the Chairman Mary Whyman, NWAS, and the Chief Executive John Burnside, NWAS, the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team was presented with a Certificate ’In Recognition of External Team of the Year.’

Ranvir Singh introduced this award, and informed all gathered of the very special relationship Bolton Mountain Rescue Team has with NWAS (GMA), “ always being available to help, whether that be during busy times within the workload of the Ambulance Service or rendering their specialist skills and expertise with casualties in difficult to access locations.

In presenting this award both John Burnside and Delwyn Wray personally thanked Garry and Geoff for all the assistance given so readily to NWAs (GMA) by the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Webmaster…….and despite being introduced to the audience by Ranvir as ’ not the Gary Rhodes, the chef,’ Garry – thats our Garry, was all forgiving as he was totally smitten by Ranvir !

The Award proceedings were concluded by addresses from John Burnside, Delwyn Wray and Ranvir Singh, followed by, according to Garry and Geoff, an absolutely fantastic three course meal and still no alcohol for Garry and Geoff.

Garry and Geoff would like to record their thanks to all at this Awards Ceremony who made them most welcome and to NWAS (GMA) for honouring the team in such a way.

The Bolton MRT is extremely proud of the relationships it has with NWAS ( GMA ) and indeed NWAS (LA), GMF&RS, GMP and Lancashire Constabulary, and is even prouder when at events such as this evening the good standing of the team is recognised by our very close partners in the full time Statutory Emergency Services.

Please also refer to the ’Guestbook’ entry by NWAS (GMA) regarding this award made to the team.