Incident 39/2008

At 20:55 the team was paged by NWAS (GMA) PEC regarding the report of a male stuck on the embankment of the River Croal in Bolton Town Centre (with the possiblity of other persons also involved).

NWAS (GMA) also called out GMP and GMFRS as part of a multi-agency response to this incident.

Our vehicles which were already mobile to the previous incident which had just concluded, were redirected to this new incident with our first vehicle BM1 arriving on scene at 21:06 – very shortly after the first arriving Fire appliances.

Most of the responding emergency resources were held at a holding point on Central Street in the town centre of Bolton, whilst some firefighters and a small number of team members commenced a search of the part-canalised/part-culverted River Croal running through Bolton Town Centre.

After a search operation proved inconclusive it was thought that this had been a false alarm call with good intent.

Resources deployed to this incident included 24 Bolton MRT members and 4 team vehicles, 3 fire appliances from GMFRS, their inshore rescue boat and supporting appliances from Heywood Fire Station, and a GMFRS officer in charge of their operations.

GMP officers were also present alongside an NWAS (GMA) emergency ambulance and an NWAS (GMA) Area Operations Manager (the same one that had been present on the previous incident).