Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Certificate

Not previously reported, 19x team members passed their final part of this exacting course, with Trauma and Medical practical examination scenerios on Wednesday evening 27th February.

The team is grateful to Doctor Bob Stokes, Stuart Greenwood and Steve Hatton, all three of Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team, for organising and assisting with the examinations on the evening.

Three of our team members have still to sit the written examination for this course, scheduled for April 9th, with 12 team members to take their Trauma and Medical examination scenerios on the same evening date.

This will then see all of our current 33x full Call Out List and 2x Trainee Call out list members having taken this examination and good luck to the 3x / 12x on April 9th, over two full courses over the last couple of years.

Keeping all our Call Out list members current with their Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue Certificate is an achievement the team prides itself upon, particulary as the course has to be retaken every three years, and the considerable help in facilitating this and previous courses of current team member and A & E Nurse, Alistair Greenough, and Emergency Technicians and Paramedics from within NWAS, most of those who help are ex Bolton team members, is greatly appreciated.