Retirement of Team Member Chris Moody

Today we sadly announce the retirement from the Team of the very experienced and well respected call out member Chris Moody.

Chris joined the Team as a serving Police officer with GMP, on 16th August 1995.

Chris brought to the Team his keen hillwalking and mountaineering experience, which started in his youth as an Air Cadet. Within the Team Chris was a well liked, respected and very experienced Team member, who had attended a great many training courses in Mountain Rescue.

Chris over his years in the Team held many Team Council appointments, the culmination of which was his work as our Training Officer. Besides assisting considerably with training courses on a regional MR basis, Chris also put in stints assisting with the National Party Leaders Course, sometimes with his MR hat on and sometimes with his Police hat on.

Within GMP Chris was and continues to be so, a Missing Person Search Manager and in this role had a great many dealings with the Team on missing persons searches and we hope to see him in the future in this important continuing role.

Despite now leaving the Team, Chris has promised to keep in touch with the Team on some specific training issues regarding lowland search work for the Police.

Chris was also one of our founder members within the Team’s Vertical & Structures Rescue Unit and had much experience of high angle rope rescue training and work.

We will miss you greatly in the Team Chris and we all wish you, your wife and family all the very best in your retiremrnt from the Team.

Perhaps not a golden watch but would a golden pager be suitable reward for all the work you have kindly carried out on behalf of the Team, publicy and behind the scenes, over the twelve and a half years you have contributed to the Teams success.