Incident 43/2008

A Team Landrover Ambulance, already in the area – see previous story, relocating to a different holding point, chanced upon a tragic incident today.

A male out walking in the Lever Park area of Rivington, in the company of two other persons, suffered a collapse.

This collapse was witnessed by many people, some of whom commenced CPR at the direction of an NWAS (GMA) Emergency Dispatcher, whilst an ambulance was responding to the location, within the track network at the rear of Rivington & Blackrod High School.

It was at this point that our vehicle passed by and was flagged down to immediately assist.

CPR and Oxygen was administered with two teenage passersby who had witnessed the collapse, continuing their CPR alongside our Team members.

Shortly after this, the responding NWAS (GMA) Ambulance arrived and CPR continued in the rear of the Ambulance, en route to Royal Bolton Hospital. One of our members travelled in the Ambulance assisting the paramedic with continuing CPR.

Lancashire Constabulary and Greater Manchester Police Officers also attended this sad incident.

It is with regret that we report the male involved had suffered a fatal collapse and the Teams condolences are expressed here.

Special mention should be made of all the members of public who assisted with this incident, particularly previous to our arrival and that of the Ambulance. Two teenage boys in particular deserve all praise for the help they rendered.