Special Easter thanks to Ordee Reprographics.

The Team very strongly believes in the total dissemination of information throughout all of the team membership, and central to this is our photocopier / collator provided by Ordee Reprograhics, and particularly their Sales Engineer Roy Dutton.

As anyone who works in an office will tell you these machines can sometimes break down, usually at the most inopportune time.

So with the usual large amount of briefing information and other items to get out to team members, including a large amount of information being prepared for a sponsorship bid in four days time, Good Friday was not a good time for our photocopier to break down.

We wish to record here our thanks to Roy Dutton of Ordee Reprograhics for coming to our rescue this morning whilst on his Easter holiday break, to repair our photocopier, all the more so as we required its services to print off maps etc., for a search incident that occurred as Roy turned up ! (see Incident 44-2008)

So Roy a big thank you from all in the team, hope you didn’t get in too much trouble off your family !