Incident 45/2008

At 05:13 Hrs the was paged by NWAS (GMA) requesting the Teams immediate standby due to snowfall affecting many roads in a large part of the Greater Manchester County.

Our colleagues in Rossendale & Pendle MRT and Oldham MRT were also put on standby and then like ourselves called out.

Ultimately 18 Team members responded to this early morning call, to crew up our four Landrover MR Ambulances, our snow sholves and snowchains only just removed due to this warm spring had to be put back on each vehicle – Global Warming !!

During this early morning standby cloudy skies soon gave way to clear blue skies, when at 07:35 Hrs we received a somewhat unusual call to assist NWAS.

NWAS had received a report of a golf buggy on a golf driving range, Douglas Valley Golf Club, Blackrod, having been involved in an accident resulting in 3 casualties. 17 Team members still on standby responded to this, reported, multi casualty incident, to be stood down responding at 07:44 hrs, when news came from the responding NWAS Emergency Ambulance that the casulaties were thankfully all minor

Team members travelled back to our LBH base, to remain on further standby, but with conditions inproving very rapidly we were stood down at 08:45 Hrs, with no further calls on our services.

Webmaster – But as we had so many members at our base, the Annual Snowperson building contest took place

Spot the difference between the Team Leader & Frosty

Can you spot the snowman ?

We would like to apologies to the local residents for the noise caused by one of our eager female Team members, whilst playing in the snow at 07:00 !!