Incident 47/2008

At 18:44 this evening, the Team was contacted by mobile phone direct by NWAS (LA) A&E Control, regarding an incident in the vicinity of Rivington Hall Barn, involved a 57 year old female walker, in the company of three other persons, who had slipped suffering a suspected fractured ankle.

Our Team Leader & our webmaster were able to make a immediate response from our LBH Base, as they were there writing up the official reports of all the activities of this weekend.

A full Team pager call out was sent at 18:46 Hrs with our Deputy & another Team member, who live on the outskirts of Lever Park, able to RVP with the responding NWAS (LA) Ambulance very quickly, within the car park of Rivington Hall Barn.

Team member Andy Ryding, accessed one possible location from the Lower House area in his 4 wheel drive vehicle, whilst DTL Geoff Seddon accessed the track network at the rear of the barn and Hall complex in his 4 wheel drive vehicle.

They were able to access the casualty site direct via vehicle, where the two responding NWAS crew had splinted the womans injured ankle and she was transported to the Ambulance RVP direct in our DTL’s vehicle. By 19:20 the woman was in the Ambulance which then took her to Royal Bolton Hospital.

This relatively quick operation demonstrated how our local knowledge of the track network in the Rivington area can be brought to bear in incidents of this nature, particularly as it all took place in the dark.