Visit to the team by Pennine Wayfarers Rambling Club

This evening 15 members of the Pennine Wayfarers Rambling Club (membership drawn predominantly from the Whitfield and Bury area) visited our team’s Ladybridge Hall base for specific advice on moorland/mountain accident procedures and in the event of an accident how best they can help the responding MRT(s).

Most of the members present were walk leaders, all under Byran Price, Training and Safety Officer for Pennine Wayfarers Rambling Club.

In the company of our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon and team member Chris Tennant, an informative evening was held with the Pennine Wayfarers commenting on the value of the safety advice proferred.

Their visit ended late in the evening, with a demonstration of some of the search and rescue equipment carried on our Landrover Ambulances.