Standby rescue cover for Muddy March Hare event

Today 27 Bolton MRT members provided standby rescue cover for two running events in the Croal/Irwell valley area of Moses Gate Country Park.

This event was jointly organised by Bolton Countryside Ranger Service and Bolton Harriers, who together provided all the way marking for the routes of the two events and marshalls throughout the courses at all changes of direction.

The 5 kilometre trail race took in a route around the former gravel pits and canal area of Darcy Lever and Fog Lane, and commenced at 11:00 with 50 runners.

A much shorter 2.5 kilometre fun run took place in the same area commencing at 12:00 with 41 runners.

The events took place over a very muddy and wet course, but thankfully the sun shone – unlike yesterday when our Team Leader and Mike Marsh got an absolute soaking whilst familiarising themselves with the route in the company of event organiser Katie Horgan.

During the course the team provided assistance to a 20 year old female runner with a knee injury and an 11 year male runner with an asthmatic condition.

At the conclusion of both events the opportunity was taken to familiarise our newer team members with the various emergency RVP’s for ourselves and the ambulance service within the country park.

Some muddy team vehicles at the end of the Muddy March Hare event… team members get the scrubbing brushes out!