Letters of thanks from Eccles 292 Squadron ATC

On Tuesday 22nd January 2008 a large contingent of cadets and their officers from Eccles 292 Squadron ATC visited the team at our Ladybridge Hall base and commented at the time that they would write in with thanks.

Today through our website we would like to thank the 15 cadets and staff of Eccles 292 Squadron ATC who wrote in to the team all with very kind letters of thanks on their evening with us.

One of the cadets present had actually been rescued by the team from a wooded gulley in the Kearsley area of Bolton (see incident 89/2005), and on the evening of the visit she was able to personally thank team members for her successful rescue.

Her brother, also an air cadet with the Eccles Squadron, also attended the evening and thanked us.

Letter of thanks from both of these cadets were amongst the kind letters received.

Full copies of all the letters received have been circulated to the 5 team members who presented the mountain rescue awareness evening for the cadets.

The team would like to thank all the cadets for their kind thoughts and considerations expressed in all the letters of thanks.