Incident 50/2008

Whilst in the team area today undertaking driver training our BM2 landrover ambulance was alerted to a nearby RTC by a passing motorcyclist.

At 15:30 upon arrival at the 2 vehicle RTC on Sheephouse Lane, Rivington, the 4 team members in BM2 assessed the situation and took advice from an off-duty paramedic who had rendered immediate casualty care prior to the teams arrival.

Upon examination none of the drivers or passengers were injured other than the shock of their experience.

Our team members remained on scene to assist the responding Lancashire Constabulary officers who were called to the incident.

For the duration of the accident Sheephouse Lane was closed to allow police to carry out their accident investigation duties.

Our team vehicle left the incident scene at 16:25 hours with the road still closed by the police.