Emergency call to Bamfurlong, Wigan

This evening at circa 20:50 our Team Leader was contacted directly by NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) regarding the possible assistance of the team at an incident in Bamfurlong, Wigan, where the Ambulance Service was responding to a report of a man who had fallen from a bridge over a canal, and was apparently in a difficult to access location, at the foot of a steep drop.

As more information was received by Paramedic Emergency Control, it was requested that the team attend and a full pager call out was made at 20:59.

Within three minutes the team was stood down, as it was established the casualty could be accessed by the responding Ambulance crews (a Rapid Response Vehicle and an Emergency Ambulance). By this time two drivers were attending our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ to make the initial response.

This has not been logged within our Incident Listings nor recorded as an Incident by the team due to the very quick stand down, it is however mentioned here to yet again illustrate the excellent degree of liaison we have with NWAS (GMA) and their rapidity with which they think to involve the team (in this case even if it means a quick stand down, it does guarantee our immediate involvement should it be required helping to ensure the fast response to incidents that we pride ourselves upon)