Bolton Lever Rotarians in Mountain Rescue

On this evening’s training exercise, the Team welcomed 9 guests from Bolton Lever Rotary Club to join us to see what we do and to experience some hands on rescue work in the outdoors.

The Rotarians, who visited our Ladybridge Base in September last year, and who made a kind donation to the Team, were actively involved in 3 spot pick up scenarios on the moorland edge and in the woodlands around Wilderswood, overlooking Horwich.

3 of the Rotarians acted as our exercise casualties, whilst the others were given the oportunity to try out the vacuum splints, manoeuvre the exercise casualties onto our stretchers, then carry the stretchers back to the control location. Team members were also on hand to answer the many questions asked by our guests.

Team members and a Rotarian prepare the casualty and treat his leg injury.

All snuggly and warm after being placed in a cas bag, after the above treatment.

Once the exercise casualties had been evacuated to the road head, we commenced a short de-brief before retiring to the pub for some well earned refreshments.

We understand that the Rotarians thoroughly enjoyed their evening and we thank them for their support and look forward to seeing them again in the future.