Visit to base by Rotary Club of Westhoughton

It was with great pleasure that this evening we welcomed 18 members of the Rotary Club of Westhoughton to our Ladybridge Base. Over the years, the Rotary Club of Westhoughton have been tremendous supporters of the team, and in March this year made another generous donation at their annual dinner at Broofields, Westhoughton.

The Rotarians were given a brief over view of the Teams’ activities, before being invited to take part in 3 small exercises involving some of the Team equipment and one of the Team’s trainee search dogs, Tess, with handler Alistair Greenough. Whilst taking part in these events, other Team members were on hand to answer the may questions being asked by our guests.

Due to the exceptionally good weather, our activities were largely done outside our Ladybridge Base, which was welcomed by all. As a jesture of their appreciation, the group presented the Team with Pennant which we will proudly display in the base.

The Rotarians then kindly invited 6 Team members to join them at a local hostalry for a hot pot supper! By all accounts, everyone had an enjoyable evening.

We sincerely thank the Rotary Club of Westhoughton for their interest in the Team, and for their continuing support