Incident 58/2008

Whilst members were en-route back to our base at the conclusion of our involvement with the Horwich New Heart event, we were paged at 16:14 by NWAS Greater Manchester to attend an incident in the Hindley area with the report of a female walker having fractured her lower leg, some distance from the nearest roadside access point.

An immediate response was conducted by our 4 team vehicles and our Team Leader arriving on scene at 16:31, at the RVP of the Paddock Hotel, in the Amberswood Common area of Hindley.

Here we met the responding NWAS (GMA) Ambulance crew from Atherton ambulance station, who had already attended to the 37 year old woman’s fractured lower leg, with a crew member leading our stretcher party to the scene.

It appears the woman, who was out walking with her partner, had been tripped up by a dog sustaining her very painful lower leg fracture.

With Entonox painkilling gas made available by the Ambulance service, the woman was carefully lifted onto our Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher and by 16:46 she was at the ambulance, which left shortly afterwards for Wigan Hospital.

In total, 14 team members were involved in this very quick and relatively rescue operation joint with the NWAS (GMA) ambulance crew – one of whom we had worked with before, and was as ever impressed with our capabilities and speed of response.