Incident 60/2008

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, was contacted by NWAS (LA) at circa 13:50, regarding the Team’s assistance to an injured mountain biker in the vicinity of the Pigeon Tower, Rivington.

As the team’s monthly vehicle valet & base cleaning session had just concluded, a very quick initial response was able to be made, with Team members and all four Team vehicles.

At 13:59 a full Team pager call was made, with many team members and our vehicles mobile at this time.

One vehicle was dispatched to Georges Lane to cover the top part of the moorland track system, with three other Team vehicles and our TL attending to the other RVP at Lower House Car Park, Rivington.

Here at 14:09 they met up with the NWAS (LA) Ambulance and
were also made aware that NWAA Helimed 08 was also responding – having cleared from a previous incident. Based on information from informants, the 23 year old female casualty, a mountain biker, was located in the Terraced Gardens (Bungalow Grounds), Rivington.

A Team landrover which had driven into the grounds via a moorland track, also carrying the NWAS (LA) Paramedic, was able to directly access the casualty.

Her fractured fingers & wrist had already been bandaged and splinted by a passing walker, whom we believed was a nurse, but who had already left the scene before the Team arrived.

With such excellent treatment already carried out, all we had to do was transport the injured Mountain Biker and her uninjured male companion back to Lower House car park, where she was transferred into NWAS (LA) ambulance at 14:28, for onward transfer to Chorley Hospital A&E.

In total 17 Bolton MRT members attended this incident, with an additional member stood down responding. Helimed 08 was stood down responding, whilst the ambulance crew came from Chorley Ambulance Station.